Field Recordings van Anneleen De Causmaecker & Annelies Van Parys

Field Recordings Interactive sound-installation & performance Première 2 May 2015 Concertgebouw, Brugge (B)

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Hathor Consort & Femke Gyselinck - The Seven Tears of John Dowland

Flow, my tears, say the lyrics. And flow they did! In its day, Dowland’s lute song - based on his own Lachrimae pavan - was so popular that it was more or less England’s melancholic anthem. Contemporaries and even the composer himself continuously reinter

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“Van Parys is new to me: audio samples on her website suggest that she's a remarkable talent”

The New York New Music Ensemble, "Fragrances" - Alex Ross - The Rest is Nois

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