Boze Bejaarden

8-part tragicomic operetta radio play set in a retirement home by Wunderbaum & HERMESensemble (NL/BE)

An 8-part tragicomic operetta set in and around a retirement home. Boze Bejaarden/Enraged Elderly is a comedy of errors riddled with miscommunications as well as romantic, saccharine and warm moments. Simultaneously, as befits an operetta, it is sharply critical of how we deal with health care and with the elderly.

Having first published this as an online radio play, WUNDERBAUM collective and HERMES Ensemble present an in-person version with eight actors, five musicians and two singers. Conductor is Stijn Saveniers. Annelies Verbeke and Gaea Schoeters wrote the texts. Annelies Van Parys arranged arias from the classical operetta repertoire and added some snippets of new music.

” Weaponizing humour, this brilliant cast presents well-known opera pieces as they tell the story of some angry but affectionate pensioners” ”
Guy Coolen, artistic director O.