Harp Trio - Ensemble 21

Belgian Music Days 2024

Fafchamps/Schubert, Van Parys/Debussy, Rens/Berio: three Belgian composers are inspired by the masterpieces that have marked them.

Harp Trio

In Lust auf Sehnsucht (mit Schubert Wandern), for mezzo-soprano and string quartet, Jean-Luc Fafchamps transforms the Viennese master's work: 7 Lieder get a contemporary makeover that nevertheless retains Schubert's Sehnsucht. Annelies Van Parys's Harp Trio is inspired by Debussy's emblematic trio. The composer deconstructs and rewrites some of the original work's themes, focusing on acoustic properties and their impact on the senses. The instrumentation of Berio’s phenomenal Folk Songs is taken as a starting point for Jean-Marie Rens’ 11 Folk Songs d'ici et d'ailleurs.