Medea / They have waited long enough

At the initiative of the Wonderfeel festival, three female composers (Van Parys, Darvishi and Tsoupaki) considered the fate of three women on the fringes of Greek mythology.

Composers Annelies Van Parys, Aftab Darvishi and Calliope Tsoupaki create new, contemporary sounds for three women who have had to wait in the wings of the great Greek myths far too long. They shine a new light on these women’s stories, add a new nuance to them and infuse them with new power. Is Medea a revengeful monster or a mother consumed with compassion? Is Circe an evil witch or a heroine filled with great humanity? And what about Penelope’s so-called helpless waiting? 

Author Gaea Schoeters found the words that do these women justice: moving yet liberating. Soprano Katharine Dain sings them to life accompanied by the all-female Ragazze Quartet. Three colorful soloists engage in an intense dialogue on karinet, duduk and qanun.

"Every time we play this program, something magical happens on stage. The stories of three Greek heroines, retold by three female composers. In this concert we are complemented by the warm sounds of duduk, clarinet and canun, plus one of our favorite singers Katharine Dain."  — RAGAZZE QUARTET

Annelies Van Parys
Medea  (for soprano, clarinet in bes and string quartet)
text  Gaea Schoeters
translation  Rona Kennedy

concept  Tamar Brüggemann, Wonderfeel

coproduction  Lunalia, Wonderfeel, Antwerp Liedfest, Mittelfest, November Music, Oranjewoud Festival