Poèmes d'amour - Blake Fragments

Triotique likes to put women on stage, not only literally, but also through the artistic musical work of various female composers - forgotten or otherwise. With their new performance Poèmes d'Amour, delightful embellishments by female composers, they introduce us to a vast palette of shades and keys. Veerle Janssens (author of the book 'woman at the piano') weaves a narrative around it full of inspiring stories and anecdotes. In addition to Clara Schumann, Fanny Mendelssohn and Nadia Boulanger, pearls of lesser-known ladies such as Amy Beach and Pauline Viardot are also featured. In turn, Annelies Van Parys and Eva Dell'Acqua guarantee exceptional home-grown work.

Frauke Elsen - voice/hobo
Elke Elsen - flute
Margot Welleman - piano
Veerle Janssens - words