The woman who first managed to capture the double helix structure of DNA on high-quality X-rays, Rosalind Franklin, had a dramatic life story. Despite her discovery, she did not share in the Nobel prize that Watson & Crick received for the description of this double helix. At university, as a woman, she was not allowed in the lunchroom of her male colleagues and she was not considered full. Franklin's life ended prematurely; she died at the age of 37 from the consequences of probably too much X-rays. This will be a performance about her extraordinary life story, an ode to the life of a woman scientist who deserves more recognition.

The highlight of the performance is the mini-opera by renowned Flemish composer Annelies Van Parys, directed by director Kenza Koutchoukali with singer Bernadeta Astari as soloist. Prior to this ‘mini-opera’, historian, writer and theatre-maker Eveline van Rijswijk talks about the life of Rosalind Franklin and her significance for science. Her story is interspersed with music for violin and soprano.

Composition Annelies Van Parys, Gustav Holst
Libretto Gaea Schoeters

Soprano Bernadeta Astari
Violin Merel Vercammen
Ensemble Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest 
Conductor Ed Spanjaard
Director Kenza Koutchoukali