Choir and vocal

“The performance ends in a modern composition (Ruhe) from Annelies Van Parys, that is touching and moving.” Ruhe - Jeanette Vergouwen, BN/De Stem (Nederland), September 2007

Shell Shock (10’) 2018

For mixed choir.
Text: Gaea Schoeters

Commissioned by Accentus France.
Premièred by Accentus, cond. Marcus Creed on 10 November 2018 in Rouen. 

Instrumentation: S S A T Bar B

Ah cette fable (12’) - choir version 2018

For 6 voices.
Text: Gaea Schoeters

Commissioned by Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart.
Premièred by Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart as part of the performance An Archive of Love in May 18 at Operadagen Rotterdam.

Instrumentation: S S A T Bar B

An archive of Love

5 Frammenti (11’) 2012

For male voices

Commissioned by De Bijloke Ghent

Premiered by Cinquecento (Vienna) at De Bijloke Ghent, May 2012

Instrumentation: 6 male voices A A T T Bar B

2 Trakl Gedichte (5’) 2009

For mixed (amator) choir a capella (S A Bar) 

Premiered by Vivento Voce, cond. Kurt Bikkembergs. Ed. Euprint

Instrumentation: Mixed choir a capella (S A Bar).

Ruhe (5') 2007

For male choir 

Commissioned by Collegium Vocale Ghent

Premiere by Collegium Vocale Ghent (cond. Christoph Siebert) in May 2007 in Tour Taxis Brussels in a production of Josse De Pauw in the framework of KunstenfestivaldesArts

Instrumentation: Male choir, 8 voices T T B B (solo) T T B B (tutti).

In Mortem Iacobi (5') 2005

For mixed choir a capella 

Commissioned by the renaissance chamber choir El Grillo 

Premiered by El Grillo, April 2005, cond. Inge Bollaert in the framework of a Jacob Obrecht happening in Ghent

Instrumentation: Choir S A T T B.