Opera & Music Theatre

“…Van Parys’s score fits arrestingly well… The performance was overwhelming…” An Oresteia - Maarten Beirens, De Standaard, 22 February 2011

USHER (80') 2018

Text: Debussy and Gaea Schoeters based on Debussy’s
“La chute de la maison Usher”
arranged and completed by Annelies Van Parys

S, 3 Bariton -  ute, saxophone, horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba,
percussion(1), harp, accordion, 2 violin, viola cello, double bass

Het Kanaal

Text: Shakespeare and Gaea Schoeters
for 2 actors, singer and lute/guitar

Trui Hanoulle

Private View - First opera by Annelies Van Parys 2015

Annelies Van Parys, one of the resident composers at Muziektheater Transparant, writes Private View, her first opera, for the Opera XXI festival. Private View is a production of Muziektheater Transparant in coproduction with Concertgebouw Brugge, Operadagen Rotterdam, Opera Vlaanderen, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Asko|Schönberg, Collective 33 ⅓, National Opera Bergen and Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg. With the support of BesteBuren. Private View was awarded the FEDORA - Rolf Liebermann Prize for Opera 2014.


Composition: Annelies Van Parys • Libretto: Jen Hadfield • Scenario: Gaea Schoeters • Musical Direction: Etienne Siebens • Direction I Dramaturgy: Tom Creed • Set Design I Video: Collective 33 1/3 • Music: Asko I Schönberg Ensemble & Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart • Soprano: Johanna Zimmer • Mezzo Soprano: Truike Van Der Poel • Tenor: Martin Nagy • Bariton: Guillermo Anzorena • Bas: Andreas Fischer • Light Design: Peter Quasters.

Field Recordings ('45) 2015

Text: Peter Verhelst (En/La)
M - sax (S, A, T) perc + electroacoustic installation of 98 speakers

Trui Hanoulle

Bzzz't (20') 2012

For solo harp

Commissioned by Theater De Spiegel

Music theatre production for small children. Premiered by Isabelle Matthijssens / Sonja Tavormina

Instrumentation: Harp

Pelléas et Mélisande, Debussy – arr. Van Parys (120') 2011 cfr. arrangements

Parcours (20’-25’) 2011

For recorder solo, water and electronics. 

Commissioned by and dedicated to Guillaume Van Mechelen 

Premiered by Jan Van Hoecke, June 2011 at Werkhuys Antwerp. Concept and Staging Anneleen De Causmaecker, staging advice Fardau Akkerhof 

Supported by Studio Champ D’Action (electronics: Jasper Braet)

Instrumentation: Recorder, water, electronics

Een Oresteia 2010 / 2013

A drama of Clytemnestra from the Oresteia by Aeschylos; a companion to Oresteia by Iannis Xenakis. 

Text by Aeschylos, selection Caroline Petrick Transl. A.D. Bouillet, P. Claudel

for mezzo, mezzo-alto, alto and ensemble

Part 1.  Prologue

Part 2.  Clytemnestre se justifie

Part 3.  L'ombre de Clytemnestre

Part 4.  Epilogue

80' ( staged version, 2010 )

20' ( concert version, 2013 )

Instrumentation: Soprano, Mezzo, Mezzo-alto, flute, oboe, piccolo clarinet Eb, contrabass clarinet, double bassoon, horn in F, trumpet in c, tenor trombone, tuba, cello, timpani, percussion (1)

Commissioned by the Eduard van Beinum Stichting for Asko/Schönberg 

Staged version premiered by VocaalLAB Nederland and Asko/Schönberg Ensemble, cond. Alejo Pérez, February 2011 at Concertgebouw Brugge. Concept and staging Caroline Petrick. A production of Muziektheater Transparant and Concertgebouw Brugge

Concert Version premiered by Asko/Schönberg Ensemble, cond. Clark Rundell, September 2013 at Vredenburg Leeuwenburgh, Utrecht for the opening concert of the 2013 Gaudeamus Muziekweek

Can be performed as a separate music drama, for stage or concert hall, or as part of a complete "Oresteia" to be performed alongside that of Iannis Xenakis.

“…the adaptations were so well integrated that they - certainly after a first hearing - seemed to fit seamless in the rest. Performed by Muziektheater Transparant, Asko/Schönberg and VocaalLAB Nederland, the whole composition was an overwhelming experience." An Oresteia - Peter Vianen, Gonzo, 27 February 2011

An Index of Memories (70’) 2009

For Mezzo, Bariton, SSA and Ensemble 

Commissioned by the Spectra Ensemble

Premiere by VocaalLAB Nederland and Spectra Ensemble, cond. Marit Strindlund, March 2010 at deSingel, Antwerp. Staging Caroline Petrick A production of Music Theatre Transparant

Instrumentation: Mezzo, Baritone, SSA, flute, clarinet, horn, violin, viola, cello, percussion (3).

“This performance again reflects the big talent of Annelies Van Parys who, as few other composers in Flanders, masters the art of limitation and has no fear for beauty and seduction.” An Index Of Memories - Stefan Moens, De Morgen, 15 March 2010