This opera is based on Debussy’s “La Chute de la Maison Usher” is the  second Opera of Annelies Van Parys. It departs from the existing sketches (roughly 20’) of Debussy but is by no means intended as an attempt to reconstruct the piece. The text of Debussy and Gaea Schoeters is based on E.A. Poe’s "The Fall of the House of Usher".
USHER is a co-commission of Staatsoper Berlin and Folkoperan Stockholm. 

Medea Organ Version

Performed by Bauwien van der Meer (Soprano), Gerrie Meijers (Organ) and Helikon kwartet (String Quartet) during the International Organ Festival Haarlem on the 21st of July 2022. 

Harp trio & Poïèma
Revue Blanche

Soprano: Lore Binon -  Flute: Caroline Peeters - Altviolin: Kris Hellemans - Harp: Anouk Sturtewagen 

Private View

Annelies Van Parys writes Private View, her first opera, for the Opera XXI festival. Private View is a production of Muziektheater Transparant in coproduction with Concertgebouw Brugge, Operadagen Rotterdam, Opera Vlaanderen, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Asko|Schönberg, Collective 33 ⅓, National Opera Bergen and Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg. With the support of BesteBuren. 


“We are food” (Val Plumwood)

PREY is a music theatre production by Kris Verdonck / A Two Dogs Company and Muziektheater Transparant with original music by Annelies Van Parys, in co-production with Klarafestival and Theater Rotterdam and in collaboration with Ictus ensemble.


Lunalia Festival Mechelen

Composition: Annelies Van Parys
Libretto: Gaea Schoeters (transl. Rona Kennedy) 
Soprano: Charlotte Wajnberg - Clarinet: Annelies Van Wauwe - CAROUSEL string quartet: Samuel Nemtanu, Nicolas Dupont, Mihai Cocea, Louis Rodde

Diary of the one who disappeared

A commission by the Klarafestival. The production was a staged setting of the Song Cycle of Janacek with added new songs of Van Parys for the female character of Zefka and the female choir.

Composition: Annelies Van Parys/ Leos Janacek • Concept and staging: Ivo Van Hove • Stage: Jan Versweyveld • Dramaturgy: Krystian Lada • Soloists: Ed Lyon and Marie Hamard • Actor: Hugo Koolschijn • Choir: Trees Beckwé, Isabelle Jacques, Raphaële Nsunda Nluti • Piano: Lada Valesova  

Het Kanaal

This performance consists of two monologues written by Gaea Schoeters in which texts by Shakespeare provide a kind of meta-commentary. These texts were set to music by Annelies Van Parys.

Composition: Annelies Van Parys • Scenario / Theaterplay: Gaea Schoeters (&Shakespeare) • Soprano: Naomi Beeldens • Lute / Guitar: Maarten Vandenbemden • Staging: Het Geluid Maastricht  • Set Design: Anneleen De Causmaecker

An Oresteïa

by Asko Schönberg led byAlejo Pérez


Concert performance - Concertgebouw Bruges

Text: Gaea Schoeters, Paul van Ostaijen
Composition: Annelies Van Parys
Piano: Annelies Van Parys, Lies Colman
Mezzosoprano: Els Mondelaers

Field Recordings

A performance - Installation 

Composition: Annelies Van Parys • Texts: Peter Verhelst • Concept and Installation: Anneleen De Causmaecker • Sound: Roel Das • Mezzo: Els Mondelaers • Saxophones: Andy Dhont • Percussion: Vincent Caers • Dance: Isabelle Balsa

Premiere at Concertgebouw Brugge in May 2015 in Bruges Belgium.

Chants d'Auvergne

Selection from Canteloube's Chants d'Auvergne premiered by Claire Lefiliâtre and Oxalys.

Composer Annelies Van Parys on her Music Theatre Works

Portrait of composer Annelies Van Pays, featuring her latests music theatre productions "The Diary of one who Disappeared" (musical commentary on Janáček) and "Het Kanaal" (The Channel) in staging's by Ivo van Hove and Romy/Gable Roelofsen. Produced by Muziektheater Transparant, Operadagen Rotterdam, Antwerp Queer Arts Festival, Het Geluid Maastricht. 

Music published by Deuss Music, The Netherlands.
A film by Philming/ Marieke Rodenburg.

Short Stories 2001
Short Stories 1 & 2 by Lies Colman