Kamermuziek & Stem

"…until the end, when Schubert's rhythms give way to a magnificently deconstructed, questioning coda by modern Flemish composer Annelies Van Parys." Joyce McMillan, Scotsman

Ah, cette fable (10') 2017
Text: Gaea Schoeters (FR). Mezzo soprano and tenor saxophone.

3 Wesendonck-Lieder (12') 2016

Text: Mathilde Wesendonck (D)
mezzosoprano and piano

Voy a Dormir (5’) 2011

For soprano, bass flute and clarinet on a text of Alfonsina Storni. 

Commissioned by Festival Ars Musica. 

Premiere by Het Collectief and Donatienne Michel-Dansac, March 2011 during the Festival Ars Musica.

An Oresteia 2010

(cfr Opera & Music Theatre)

Visions de Lourdes (17'45") 2008

For mezzo, alto flute, bass clarinet, alto violin, double bass and percussion

Soundtrack for the film of Charles de Keukeleire

Commissioned by Music Theatre Transparant, coproduced with the Belgian Filmarchive and La Bourse, Brussels. Premiere by Hermes Ensemble and Els Mondelaers, cond. Koen Kessels, January 2009 in La Bourse, Brussels.

Ruins (13') 2006

For soprano, alto flute, clarinet, cello, percussion and piano

Commissioned by de Bijloke

Premiere by Champ d'Action, cond. James Wood, March 2006 at de Bijloke, Gent

3 Mew Poems (14') 2004

For mezzo, flute, cello and piano on texts of Charlotte Mew

Commissioned by the Phoenix Trio 

Premiere by the Phoenix Trio in February 2005, Montréal