Hathor Consort & Femke Gyselinck - Lachrimae - Glasgow (UK), Klagenfurt (DE), Tilburg (NL)

Flow, my tears, say the lyrics. And flow they did! In its day, Dowland’s lute song - based on his own Lachrimae pavan - was so popular that it was more or less England’s melancholic anthem. Contemporaries and even the composer himself continuously reinterpreted its melody and characteristic bass line. Annelies Van Parys has used this framework for a new creation, which will be seen and heard in Bruges for the first time.

John Dowland Lachrimae or Seven Tears
Annelies Van Parys Creation (world premiere)
Hathor Consort, Femke Gyselinck: dance & choreography

30 May 2015
20.00 - Kamermuziekzaal, concertgebouw Brugge
19.15 Introduction by Annemarie Peeters

21.06.2015 - Cottier Chamber Project Glasgow (UK)

12.09.2015 - Waffenhaus Klagenfurt, Trigonale (DE)

06.10.2015 - De Link, Tilburg (NL)