Shades of Light (cello)
Shades of Light (cello)


For cello & electronics
Instrumentation: vlc, electr.

Première at Transit Festival, Leuven (B) on 30/10/2022
Commissioned by the Centre Henri Pousseur & Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

The composition Shades of light by Annelies Van Parys is a reflection on the relationship between humans and the digital world. About how digital elements penetrate people's lives, facilitate them, change them and finally take over. This acquisition heralds a new era - for better or worse.

Résonances (piano)

For piano duet
Commissioned for concours of Ghent Rotary Club
Imposed piece for all participants
Instrumentation: Piano (four hands)

Catalogue d'insectes (harp)

For harp solo
Compilation of small character pieces

Passagen / Aphorisme (tenor saxophone)

For tenor saxophone solo
Commissioned by Blindman
Premiered by Piet Rebel (Blindman Sax) on 6 January 2012 at Concertgebouw Brugge

Parcours # 4 (bass recorder)

For bass recorder, water and (ad lib.) electronics
Part of the Parcours performance (can be performed as a separate (concert) piece)

”Flemish composers came out of the equation very positively, precisely because of their innovative impulses…showing a strong dose of originality and courage, which were fused in a very natural way. The sophisticated ritual for recorder, sculpture and projections (Parcours) by Annelies Van Parys and Anneleen De Causmaecker combined a thorough use of alternative techniques to give a very physically dynamic performance. ”
Parcours (World Music days opening concert) - Maarten Beirens in De Standaard, 2 October 2012
Schizzo (pianoforte or piano)

For pianoforte (or piano) solo
Commissioned by MA-festival Brugge, prescribed piece for Fortepiano Competition 2010

Reflections I and II (cello)

Cello solo
Written for and premiered by Viviane Spanoghe, Antwerp 2009

Stanza (harp)
Stanza (harp)

For harp solo
Commissioned by de Bijloke
Premiere by Isabelle Moretti , March 2007 at de Bijloke, Gent

Poïèma (female voice)

For (female) voice solo
Written for and premiered by Els Mondelaers, March 2006 at Academia Belgica, Rome

5 Short Stories (piano)
5 Short Stories (piano)

For piano solo
Premiere by Yutaka Oya tijdens during the festival 'dicht bij huis' in Tilburg, April 2001

Clamor (bass clarinet)

For Bass Clarinet 
Composed for Ictus International Composition seminar and performed on that occasion by Harry Sparnaay

3 Miroirs (piano)

For piano, four hands 
Composed for and premiered by Ganda Duo